sunset at Traeth Bach

On a sunny summers' day there is no better place to be but don't expect me to tell you where it is; the joy is in the discovery.


Traeth Bach

Traeth Bach

"Little Beach"

There are several little beaches in Ceredigion and many more around Wales.

This particular beauty spot lies along the Heritage Coast of southern Ceredigion. It can be reached by a short footpath which follows a stream down from the Coast Path. The final descent is a scramble down a low cliff but there are plenty of foot holes. Please take care on this path.

Frequently empty and never busy this idyllic spot is just a little to far from civilisation to become spoilt. At mean high water little of the beach remains and on a spring tide it is completely submerged but at low water there is a wonderful expanse of sandy beach.

secluded cove

At high tide there appears to be an island just offshore but at most times this can be reached around the rocky foreshore. There is a sea cave running right through this isthmus but this should not be approached between August - October as seals may be using it to breed.

This cove is a popular place with both dolphins and seals.

At low tide it is also possible to walk around the northern headland and along the foreshore below the cliffs but care must be taken not to be cut off by the rising tide.