the lime kilns at Craig-las ringed plover
Section 5 - total distance 11.9km (7.4 miles)

Aberaeron to Llanrhystud

remains of a fish trap

The easiest stretch of coastpath in Ceredigion runs mostly along the top of soft cliffs on the coastal flats. Although these cliffs are low, care should be taken as they are subject to rapid erosion and may be undercut.

Aberaeron to Aberarth

Distance 3.1km (1.9miles), grade - easy

Map 1; north of Aberaeron

Aberarth to Llanon

Distance 4.8km (3.0 miles), grade - moderate / easy

The southern half of this section involves a gentle climb up Graig-ddu while the northern half returns to the coastal flats. There are no stiles on this section of path and to the north both the terrain and the gates are push chair friendly.



Two route options exist through Llanon. The foreshore route near the car park can be impassable when the river is in full flow. The route through the village is also signed and allows access to shops and other facilities. Route maps are displayed at either end of this section.

Map 2; Llanon route options

Llanon to Llanrhystud

Distance 4.0km (2.5 miles), grade - easy

The southern end of this stretch of coastpath runs a little inland for a while before returning to the low cliff tops. A highlight of this section is at Craig-las (top left) where four lime kilns stand in a row.

Map 3; south of Llanrhystud


Section 4 - New Quay to Aberaeron

Section 6 - Llanrhystud to Aberystwyth