the Afon Drywi at Cwm Buwch wild flower
Section 4 - total distance 10.5km (6.5miles)

New Quay to Aberaeron

cliff view

A popular stretch of the Coast Path, that presents no major challenges.

New Quay to Cei Bach

Distance 3.0km (1.9 miles), grade - easy

Two route options exist between these locations. Most of the time the preferred option will be to walk along the beach around New Quay Bay but at high tide it may be necessary to follow the road. Both routes are signed and route maps are displayed at either end.

Map 1; New Quay – Cei Bach route options

Map 2; New Quay - Aberaeron

woodland above Cei bach


Cei Bach - Aberaeron

Distance 7.5km (4.7 miles), grade - moderate

The southern end of this stretch of Coastpath runs a little inland for a while but it is not long before cliff top views return. One of the highlights of this section is Cwm Buwch (far left) where the meandering Afon Drywi carves some interesting topography before becoming a waterfall that plunges onto an inaccessible beach.


Section 3 - Llangrannog to New Quay

Section 5 - Aberaeron to Llanrhystud