embanked path through wetland woodland trail

The Wales Coast Path - Dyfi Valley

view across Cors Fochno from the boardwalk

Delivering the Wales Coast Path on the southern side of the Dyfi Valley was a challenge. No clear existing options were available and a number of factors such as wetlands, railway lines and conservation issues had to be considered. It was evident that new public footpath creations would be required if a high quality route was to be achieved. An extensive survey of options and a public consultation were undertaken. After much debate and consideration a clear preferred line emerged and over 3 km of new Public Footpaths were created. These new links have resulted in a route that displays a great variety of character - from the open expanses of the wetland at Cors Fochno NNR, through intimate forestry trails, to pastures and heaths with stunning views across the estuary.

Borth to Taliesin

Distance 7.4 km (4.6 miles), grade - easy

A new section of the Wales Coast Path has been created which, combined with improvements to an existing footpath, have provided a route that runs along the southern edge of the National Nature Reserve - Cors Fochno. At about the halfway point a short boardwalk extends to a viewing platform that affords good views across the wetland (top-right). In the summer months you may feel the need to wear insect repellent on Cors Fochno and during wetter periods appropriate footwear for a wetland is essential! People wishing to avoid these hazards can use the quite lanes which run parallel to the path.

For the short (0.8 km / 0.5 miles) section between Taliesin and Tre'r-ddol the route then follows the road.

Map 1; Dyfi west

view of Aberdyfi across the Dyfi Valley

Tre'r-ddol to Artists Valley (Furnace)

Distance 4.8 km (3.0 miles), grade - moderate / easy

This section of the Wales Coast Path runs through forestry and farmland with views across the river valley. The greater part of this section is the result of a new footpath creation (left & far left) the character of which changes with every step of the way.

Map 2; Dyfi east

Artists Valley to Machynlleth

Distance 11.4 km (7.1 miles), grade - moderate

With the absence of any riverside options through Powys it was decided to use the most scenic route for the Wales Coast Path. The path runs along the Llyfnant Valley. A short link has been provided between Dyfi Junction railway station and the Wales Coast Path near Furnace enabling walkers to avoid this inland section should they choose. The station makes a great start or end point for a long distance walk.

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