waterfall onto beach

Steps cut into the rock face (above) are testimony to mans' past use of this area.

Cwm Gwrddon

Cwm Gwrddon

Cwm Gwrddon

Many people walk the Coast Path that passes above this secluded valley and tiny beach but few venture down the steep path to the cove. Those that do discover a secluded oasis of tranquility.

Cwm Gwrddon is a steep sided valley that was originally formed by glacial melt water. The lower reaches contain several waterfalls the final one of which drops immediately onto the tiny beach. Traeth Gwrddon is so small that there is just sufficient room for one person to sunbathe at low tide, at any other time the beach disappears from view entirely.

The sheltered nature of this valley create a micro-climate where wildlife flourishes.

the cove at Traeth Gwrddon

Steps cut into the rock besides the beach waterfall are one of the few remaining signs of man's past use of this cove. A tiny hamlet existed here and a few families survived by fishing the adjacent waters. Boats were hauled up and down the rock face and were launched into the V shaped cove.

It is said that the drowned body of a young black sailor was once washed ashore here.