aerial photo pearl bordered fritillary

This area is one of two places in Ceredigion that are important for the pearl bordered fritillary.

Castell Bach

sheltered cove

"Little Castle"

Castell Bach is a Celtic iron age settlement and promontory hill fort which dates to about 300 BC. The settlement occupied a flat plateau and was protected by double ditch and earthwork defences the remains of which are still evident today and which are clearly visible in the aerial photograph on the left. These would have been topped with fencing constructed from the branches of trees and thorn bushes.

Some of the fort has been lost through erosion to the sea but this does provide an opportunity to view these earthworks in cross section.

rocky knoll and beach

Immediately to the south west of this site is a small sandy beach in a tiny cove. The cove is sheltered by a rocky knoll which is almost an island. Together these form an attractive feature.

The sheltered nature of this cove may have been significant in the placing of the settlement but it is impossible to know just how much two and a half centuries of erosion have altered this part of the coastline.